Side Dish For The Summer-Grilled Corn On The Cob

Another side dish recipe-this one is extremely easy!

Corn in the summer is like hot chocolate in the winter-it’s a necessity!

Growing up, we had a huge sweet corn plot.  We would eat corn on the cob most of the summer, with my sister and I tasked with the job of peeling all the corn.  We would walk out to the horse pasture, and peel the silk and coverings away to reveal the tender corn inside.  The husks and silk would get tossed to the horse for his own special treat, (along with the cobs that did not grow correctly.)

We’d take the haul inside and boil it until it was tender, and slather with butter and salt.

This recipe is far easier than that-and gives dinner a layer of flavor to the already bountiful meal!

Grilled Parmesan Corn

2 Pieces of corn per person
Parmesan Cheese

There are no set amounts to this recipe.

Peel corn, leaving the bottom layer of the husk on one side.  Look for bugs/worms (always do this when peeling fresh corn, since it’s grown outside, it’s always a possibility.)  Rinse and set aside. (Making sure that the husk remains as saturated with water as possible.)

Once all the corn is cleaned, set out foil to wrap each piece of corn individually.

Place corn, husk side down on foil.  Add a dollup of butter to top of corn, and sprinkle salt, cheese, and cilantro on top.
Close foil around the corn, making sure the husk side is down.

Place over low heat on the grill for 25-30 minutes, or until corn is tender.

Remove and serve!



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